Wildlife Photography, Species Compact View

Country: Thailand

Total Species: 24

N = Nativve
I = Introdued

CLASS: Mammals (Mammalia)
ORDER: Even-toed ungulate (Artiodactyla) (1 Species) Chinese (Lesser) Mouse-deer (Kanchil) (Tragulus kanchil), N
ORDER: Rodents (Rodentia) (2 Species) Pallas`s (Red-bellied Tree) Squirrel (Callosciurus erythraeus), NWestern (Himalayan) Striped Squirrel (Tamiops mcclellandii), N
ORDER: Primates (Primates) (1 Species) Dusky (Spectacled) Leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus obscurus), N
ORDER: Treeshrews (Scandentia) (1 Species) Western (Common) Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis), N

CLASS: Birds and Reptiles (Sauropsida)
ORDER: Scaled Reptiles (Squamata) (1 Species) Oriental Garden Lizard (Calotes versicolor), N

CLASS: Ray-finned Fish (Actinopterygii)
ORDER: Perching-like Fish (Gobiiformes) (1 Species) Blue-spotted Mudskipper (Boleophthalmus boddarti), N

CLASS: Crustaceans (Malacostraca)
ORDER: Crayfish, Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, and Shrimp (Decapoda) (1 Species) Forceps Fiddler Crab (Uca forcipata), N

CLASS: Insects (Insecta)
ORDER: Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera) (10 Species) Common Yeoman (Cirrochroa tyche), NChocolate (Soldier) Pansy (Junonia iphita), NKnight Butterfly (Lebadea martha), NRed Bushbrown (Mycalesis oroatis), NCommon Sailor (Neptis hylas), NCommon Five-ring (Ypthima baldus), NRed Helen (Papilio helenus), NStriped Albatross (Appias libythea), NIndian Cabbage White (Artogeia canidia ), NForest White (Udaiana cynis), N
ORDER: Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) (4 Species) Mnais Damselfly (Mnais yunosukei), NCommon Flangetail (Ichtinogomphus decoratus), NGreen Skimmer (Green Marsh Hawk) (Orthetrum Sabina), NCrimson Dropwing (Trithemis aurora), N

CLASS: Dicotyledons (Magnoliopsida)
ORDER: Morning-glory, Potato and Relatives (Solanales) (1 Species) Water Morning Glory (Ipomoea aquatica), N
ORDER: Protea (Proteales) (1 Species) Indian (Sacred) Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), N

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